Digital SAT Math Course

Live course for the D-SAT math section- totaling 13 sessions, alongside 10 modular mocks and 5 full-length mocks.

About Course

Master the SAT Math section and pave your way to top American universities with our specialised Digital SAT course! 

Our course includes 15 live classes, 5 Full-length mock tests, 14 specialised study modules, and free 5 books, and recorded sessions as well. Digital SAT mathematics  section has two different modules, each module has 22 questions and 35 minutes.  Our course also provides thorough training on the use of the Desmos graphing calculator, a vital tool for the Digital SAT. Additionally, students will have exclusive access to our advanced Learning Module System (LMS) and complimentary free support with exam registration.

Students also gain exclusive access to our advanced Learning Module System (LMS) and receive support with exam registration for free. SATx Test Prep delivers an all-in-one solution to conquer the SAT Math Section with confidence. We have both online and offline batches. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the skills and confidence needed to excel on the SAT.

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Course Content

Overview of Math Section

  • Assessment Test
  • Introduction to Math Topics
  • Study Plan

Foundations & Mastering Desmos

Linear Relationship

Polynomials & Quadratic Equation

Statics Basics

Statics Advanced

Conversion, Percentage, & Probability

Exponential Relationship & Number of Zeroes

Angle, Measurement, Triangles, Polygons

Geometry Advanced

Algebra Advanced

Practice Session 01

Practice Session 02

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What Will You Learn?

  • Complete preparation for the Digital SAT
  • Fundamental groundwork to master the SAT starting from scratch
  • Robust strategies for the Reading/Writing and Math sections of the SAT
  • Psychological readiness and mental strategies for excelling on the SAT
4,999.00৳  8,999.00৳ 
Enrollment validity: Lifetime

Material Includes

  • 5 Digital SAT Books from SATx Test Prep
  • 32 Sets of Lecture Notes
  • Comprehensive Practice Book covering Reading, Grammar, and Math


  • High school students preparing to take the Digital SAT
  • Students at the initial stages of their SAT preparation journey
  • Students applying to USA, Canada, Finland for undergraduate admission

SATx Test Prep

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